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Holiday break with a local touch

Discovering the roots of the city, to satisfy any curiosity about local life, the economic excellences, social organization, culture and traditions, spiritual life, opportunities, ancient and modern art, cinema …..

The package deal includes 1 night in double room with bath or shower and breakfast in one of the 4 hotels of the historical center and a city tour of two hours accompanied by a local.

An invitation to an open dialogue with the local guide, on culture and traditions, flavors and fragrances, passions and activities enriching the alleys at the shadow of the ancient towers. A journey through the stories and the arts of men and women who proudly share the privilege of living a “monument” , a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


We suggest some topics:

  • San Gimignano, unique scenery for vibrant modern and contemporary art …. a Tate Modern in the Medieval Chest – Not just words, but delicious tasting of local products and wines …. never heard about Km 0, traceability, organic, PDO, PGI, IGT, DOC, DOCG, IGT …?
  • Video-clips and curiosities about movies filmed in San Gimignano …. a little hollywood from black and white film up to more recent ones
  • The religious journey along the Via Francigena, holy sites, stories of local saints and blessed people, convents and monasteries, following the spiritual beat of man.
  • The most beautiful photographic cones of the city and towers skyline! ***
  • A fun and exciting approach to the towered city, for kids … of all ages ….. a ceramic miniature of the city as it was in the 1300 and the thrilling story of Assassin ‘s Creed
  • The visits are organized and guaranteed by the local tour operator TuscanyEx.com in co-operation with the natives and inhabitants Check-in by 4 pm

Low Season (3 nov – 15 march) 90.00 euro per person
High Season (15 march – 2 november) 100.00 euro per person


Offer for one night stay, for 2 people

Possible transfer *** sunrise or sunset sights of the city skyline (Contact the TO for the organization of any transfer: 347/3212241)
Accommodation tax